Jelle Barentsz, MD (Netherlands)

“Periodic prostate biopsies for men on AS - If, When, and How?”

Laurence Klotz, MD (Canada)

“Update on results from active surveillance cohort.”

Mark Scholz, MD (USA)

“Watchful waiting to active surveillance: The obstacles to patient and physician acceptance.”

Peter Carroll, MD (USA)

“The role of PSA in managing men on active surveillance.”

Mark Moyad, MD (USA)

“Scientific status of unconventional therapies for men on AS?”

Brian Helfand MD (USA)

“The role of genetic testing for selecting active surveillance.”

Otis Brawley, MD (USA)

“Challenges in enrolling minorities into active surveillance.”

Freddie Hamdy, MBChB (UK)

“What should men be told about active surveillance vs other options?”

Anne Katz, PhD (Canada)

“Improving sexual function and intimacy for active surveillance patients and their partners.”

Gerald Chodak MD (USA)

“Becoming more proactive as an AS patient.”

Natalie Ledesma, RD (USA)

“Food plan recommendations for men on AS.”

Caroline Moore, MD (UK)

“Role of MRI in selecting men for AS.”

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Why would you want to attend?

Our members found each other through our personal research of Active Surveillance. We have formed a tight bond and support each other every step of the way. This conference will provide you and your partner the oppor-tunity to build long lasting friendships and to network with people on the same journey.
We are stronger together


Presentations from dedicated patients and speakers from around the world. 


Round table discussion with International Active Surveillance Research Group. Topic: Future Research, possible studies, and ensuring patient enrollment.

Interactive patient panel discussions with Mark Lichty, Gene Slattery, Howard Wolinsky, and Thrainn Thorvaldsson. Plus Q&A for you to reach a level of comfort. Topics to include:

  • What information did you receive about WW and AS?

  • What were you told about other treatments?

  • Were you advised to have a confirmatory biopsy?

  • Did your partner approve of you going on AS?

  • What are your concerns with your partner choosing AS?

  • How has AS affected your relationship?

  • What has been your quality of life since being on AS? 

  • What have insurance companies saved by patients on AS?


Additional speakers covering topics such as:

  • Coping with psycho/emotional issues

  • Management of lower urinary tract symptoms

  • Is testosterone replacement safe in men on AS?

  • Risks and benefits of cannabis in men on AS

  • Second opinions, assessing integrative care for AS patients

  • Critical assessment of focal therapies for PCa