The first international active surveillance conference for PC patients

The first international active surveillance conference for PC patients

The time has come for a special conference covering active surveillance. We hope you will be a part of this groundbreaking event.


The organizing committee of this conference includes AS patients who have been following this approach for as long as 18 years.

The seed for this idea grew because these men observed the sometimes unpleasant consequences of overtreatment  and chosen an untraveled route, one questioned by many.They later  found their choice of AS was later embraced by the medical profession.  They saw a need to help other men to have access to leading edge tools to avoid overtreatment.  

Doctors hold such meetings all the time. Never before have AS pioneers organized a conference to share their experience and knowledge with patients, doctors and health professionals in an international forum.


What is active surveillance?

AS  is a way of monitoring prostate cancer that hasn’t spread outside the prostate (localised  prostate cancer). AS has received increasing acceptance among PC patients and health professionals. Fifteen years ago, most men who were diagnosed with PC had traditional treatment, including prostatectomy, radiation, cryotherapy and other approaches designed to destroy or remove what is typically a slow-growing cancer. About 10 years ago, it is believed that fewer than 10% of men selected AS in the U.S. Now over 50% of diagnosed men opt for AS, and the number is increasing and is some areas much higher.


Therefore, it is more important than ever to follow the development of AS: who is a candidate for AS, what is the latest technology to evaluate the PC status and how to live with AS. This conference is planned to answer many questions newly diagnosed AS men ask as well as those who are already on the AS path. 


Aims of the Active Surveillance Conference

This conference will be educational for PC patients, their spouses, doctors and health professionals.


The organizing committee is in a preliminary stage of preparing the first international AS conference for patients. The final decision to hold the conference depends on your interest.


We hope soon to be able to invite you formally to the conference, but in the meantime please let us know about your personal interest in attending the AS conference, listening to presentations, participating in discussion groups and becoming more educated about AS, along with meeting other AS men, their spouses and health professionals involved in AS. We gradually will be adding new information about the conference as we progress. Please share your email address so we can keep you updated.


We are looking forward meeting you.


With best greetings from Iceland,

Thrainn Thorvaldsson

Chairman of the organizing committee.

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